Summer Heat Is Coming!!

Summer Heat Is Coming!!

It’s almost that time for the many stellar activities of summer folks!  From swimming, boating, hiking, to outdoor sports, we all participate in fun activities to beat that summer heat.  However, we are not the only ones affected by the intense heat.  If you don’t take precautions, the summer heat can take a toll on and even destroy your vaping equipment and your e-liquid!  While you are out and about, showing us where you KOHU this summer (#WHEREDOYOUKOHU), I have some helpful tips in taking care of your vaping equipment! 

No Dirt or Sand

During the summer, many of us spend a lot of time outdoors or go on a well needed vacation. Whether you are vaping outside at home or on the beach, it is important to keep sand and dirt out of your vaping equipment so that it doesn’t clog up. Try keeping your vaping equipment in a case until you are ready to use it.

Don’t Leave Your Vaping Equipment or E-Liquid in the Car

Have you ever left your cell phone in a hot car for an extended period of time? What did you find when you came back? Most likely, you came back to a blank, black screen because your phone overheated and shut itself down. Just as the heat can potentially damage your phone, it can also damage your vape equipment and E-Liquid. Try to avoid leaving it in a hot car during the summer.

Keep Your E-Liquids Cool

It is important to store your custom e-liquids in a cool place out of the sun. High heat and prolonged exposure to sunlight can negatively affect the e-liquid flavor, as well as your vaping equipment’s functionality. However, it is also important to avoid very cold temperatures.  Severely cold temperatures can negatively affect the flavor, as well.

An Alternative for All You Vapors!

While a lot of us plan outdoor adventures such as boating, camping, hiking, motorcycle rides, or a day at the beach, convenience with your vaping equipment is essential. One alternative I found at gives you the option to customize E-Cigarettes. Yes, that’s right, customize your e-cigarettes with mixing flavors, choosing nicotine levels, PG/VG level, and even adding one of their 20 awesome boosts!  Kicker is… you don’t have to pay any more additional charge for customizing!  Their E-Cigarettes give you an easy alternative while you’re out and about this summer with the peace of mind that your vaping equipment is safe at home!